Stanford Law Grad Awarded Two-Year EJA Fellowship in Break the Cycle's New San Francisco Office
Equal Justice America and Break the Cycle have joined forces in the fight against domestic violence. As Break the Cycle expands its program into three new cities this year, Equal Justice America has awarded an EJA Fellowship to Stanford Law School graduate Jennifer Ornelas who has begun working in Break the Cycle’s newly opened San Francisco office.

Ms. Ornelas, who graduated from Stanford last spring, brings a strong record of commitment to public interest law and to working with young people. During law school, she received an Equal Justice America Summer 2001 Fellowship to work at the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. She has also worked with the Teenage Parenting Program at the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County and was a volunteer teacher with the Stanford Street Law Program.

Jennifer Ornelas, Stanford Law, Class of 2003

Equal Justice America's Fellow at Break the Cycle's
newly opened San Francisco office.

Break the Cycle works to end domestic violence by providing law-based education, free legal services, advocacy and support to young people, ages 12-22. Having built a strong reputation in Los Angeles, Break the Cycle is expanding this year with new offices in San Francisco, New York City and Washington, DC.

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Break the Cycle,” said Dan Ruben, Founder and Executive Director of Equal Justice America. They have done such tremendous work with young people to attack domestic violence at its roots. We look forward to working with them and being a part of this crucial effort.

“As a National Founding Partner with Break the Cycle, you are investing in a national community dedicated to empowering young people to end violence,” said Meredith Blake, the Founder and Executive Director of Break the Cycle. “With this exciting partnership, we will stem the tide of domestic violence before it infects adulthood and future generations.”

We ask for the generous support of Stanford law alumni to help us make this partnership a success.